Dougie George

Title Photo: Henry Bailey
  • Yes Nugs! How’s it going my man? Been looking forward to catching up with you!

Good dawg, always good to see you Henry!

  • You too Nug’s always a blessing!
  • First of all, where did the nickname Nug’s come from?

Ha, obviously that one came from Yarris (Harrison Woolgar) just joking around at Level and it just stuck haha

  • Has it stuck in London?

Naa not so much just Brighton heads really, and some others who have been influenced by Brighton I guess.

  • Last time I was up in London interviewing Fisher you were hard at work on the sewing machine making some big boy trou! Where did this interest in making clothes come from?

Hanging out with Ellis really. Moving in with him around august last year and watching him make clothes and stuff was really interesting to me. As skaters you want clothes that fit you in a certain way, so I think being able to create that is such a good skill and it’s super satisfying to do! He had been doing it for like 2 years all self-taught so he had built up all of this knowledge. I asked him to teach me and he showed me how to use the sewing machine and let me use his panels as templates which was super cool of him. Kinda cheating, it’s like he’s built the bridge I’m just walking across it if you know what I mean haha! I still don’t really know what I’m doing, but it’s a super fun thing to practise and slowly get better at. I actually just got my own sewing machine so its super fun messing about and ruining old clothes in my spare time ha!

  • I guess all these lock downs have given you a lot of time to practise.

Yeah man, a lot of time to hang with Ellis, build on my knowledge, and cut things up around the house!

  • Ellis is the shit, talented boy! Need to get him answering some questions! 

Yeah man, where is the Ellis interview at! He’s the best! 

  • What you made so far? You skating in it?

So far I have made some trousers and a jacket from scratch. Been skating in both of them and they ended up coming apart a little bit ha, but re enforced the jacket which came out good. Playing around with the fit of the trousers as well been editing a few other trousers to fit me better also which is super cool to able to do!

  • Any future plans regarding that stuff?

At the moment I’ts just a fun thing to do man, really down to just get better and better at it and see what happens!

Dougie in his home made Outfit ft. Ellis. Photo: Henry Bailey
  • Let’s rewind a bit to the early days, where did you discover skateboarding?

I got a skateboard for my 5th birthday, one of those tiny little ones you know? I used to just do all these stationary kick turns in the house and shit so that was my initial introduction to it. After that we moved to America when I was 8 and that’s when I started seeing skate videos for the first time, skating around a lot and really getting into it. I remember stay gold coming out in like 2010? And yeah I was really on it by that point.

  • You got a brother that skate’s also right? Did you start at the same time?

2 brothers that skate actually! One older and one younger, I’m the middle child! Loz, my older brother, was more of a surfer, but always skated as well, as they go hand in hand. Plus, you can’t surf as much when back in the UK. Luke has gotten way more sparked on it in the past few years as well which is sick. So yeah get to go skate with those guys every time I’m back home which is always a good time!

  • You were living in America for a good few years, where abouts did you live?

We moved to Cupertino originally which is in the middle of Silicon Valley, its where the Apple head quarters are, Google, all that ha. It’s quite a weird vibe out there as its just consists of people that have moved out there specifically for those jobs. It’s a weird dynamic at school as well, the kids’ parents are so hard on them to get good grades and stuff and the school is already hard enough, being in the area that it is. It funny because I would make friends at school and be like, “Yo lets hang out after school”, and they are all off to ‘after school’ school, I never understood it. I was just trying to go skate and hang out haha, shoot some Nerf guns or something – super weird! After a year there we moved to Santa Cruz which was pretty much the dream place, by the sea, sunny all year-round, great surfing and skating, what more could you want?!  

  • What was the reason behind the move to America?

My parents started a Fairtrade company. At the time, there was less fair trade going on in California than in the UK. So yeah, they went out there to do that and eventually were able to pass it on and move back to the UK when me and my brothers were old enough to go to university. Uni out there is crazy expensive. It was a really good experience.

  • Did you do much skating out there?

Yeah man, got into skating heavily out there, especially when we moved to Santa Cruz. Making way more friends that where into it helped a lot, and all the parks are amazing. I skated Derby skatepark a lot which is one of the first skateparks in America. It’s just like a little snake run, but when I was there they had re – paved it and added a few more obstacles which was so fun. There are so many parks dotted around, plus street spots and the endless good weather. Makes it easy to have a good time!

  • You have a little crew out there?

Yeah man, just homie’s at school, but its sick to see some of those guys killing it at surfing and skating now!

BS Flip. Photo: Colin Chadwick
  • So when did the trouble with your knee start?

Think it started probably around the age of 14. There wasn’t really a specific time where I messed up my knee, it was more just years of bad treatment and ignoring it. I guess I was constantly active on it doing sports and stuff, and then yeah, when I was 15 I ended up having knee surgery which seemed so long at the time but I have good knees now so glad I did it and got through it.

  • I hear you got pretty into magic whilst out there.

Hahaaa yes! Mate I used to have all these different phases as a kid, always getting into some neeky thing and getting as good as I could at it! Kinda what skateboarding is at the beginning to be fair ha. Dude I did magic for a bit, I got into YOYO’s for a bit, got into butterfly knives and shit haha. Anything to go ham on for a bit and then get over it and think it’s the worst!  

  •  How did this happen? was it during the knee trouble? 

Honestly don’t know man I think I was just always kinda weird. I got into all sorts of other stuff during my knee surgery time man, I had a lot of free time on my hands! After I had my knee surgery, I had my leg hooked up to this machine that would move my knee up and down, so moving up to the next degree was about the highlight of each day ha! I think I was just sessioning driving games during that time, got deeply into tuning out all my virtual cars haha! 

  • Can you still do any magic tricks?

No! I actually can’t haha, I wish I retained some of that knowledge. Probably got some shitty ones backed away in there somewhere though ha!

  • Tell us a bit about the church mini ramp you where skating out there, is it true you got a skate in with Steve Caballero?

We had a church that had this big gymnasium hall type thing in it, we used to set ramps and stuff in to skate all the time. The mini ramp was actually at my mates house just down the street from the church, I think his family was connected to the church. But yeah, through that there was a skater that went to this church who happened to be friends with Steve Caballero randomly, so he ended up coming over to our friends back yard ramp which was crazy to see ha! He had a load of old tiny shirts that’s he handed out to us haha. He gave me this Powell Peralta tee that I kept forever, haha mad experience!

  • That’s rad, you must have been hyped! 

Yeah man was super hyped.

  • Another great one that I think needs some extra explaining is your mum meeting Yaje Popson at the airport, talk us through this one. Did she know who he was?

That’s so funny. He was in England just before that skating with Ludo (Gordon) and Mark (HB). I was staying at home at the time so I must have mentioned it to my mum. They were on a plane back from Denmark or something flying back to London. Yaje gets on the plane with a load of skateboards on his back. My dad spotted all the boards and sends me a photo like, “This guy’s got a lot of skateboards on his back, might be someone good” I remember texting them back at the time: “That looks like Yaje”. I didn’t really think it was, then when they landed, I get this picture through of my mum and Yaje chilling, it was so funny. I ended up meeting him a year later when he was back in London, and the first thing he says to me is “I met your mum, right?”.

Dougie’s mum Cath with Yaje Popson. Photo: Cath George
  • This brings us to the brighton days where we met, some good times huh? Any projects in particular that you have really enjoyed being a part of? 

Yeah man, every project was such a fun experience! Zane filming the Momento video was the best time, exploring Brighton and bombing hills with everyone. Those are the best memories. The 14:01 video ‘Trio’ was a similar process, going on missions with Zane and all the homies. Then getting to be involved in Al’s (Al Hodgson) stuff more recently has been amazing, he’s always been the one pushing Brighton the most and his filming is forever on point so blessed to be a part of all that.

  • Remember that patchwork vid haha

Haha shit that little project was such a good time, I was just living up the hill from the spot and no one was doing any projects in Brighton in those winter months. Me and you got busy with the VX stealing wood and pallets from people’s front gardens everyday making our own TF, haha great times man!

  • You where back with the Brighton heads recently on that moorland trip for OWL right? How is it? Any memorable stories?

Yeah that trip was so fun dude. Al planned the whole thing out so well, and he knew where all these really cool, unique spots were. He planned where we were going every day and how we were getting there. I wasn’t driving so was just relaxing getting taken around all these amazing spots and beautiful scenery, it was so fun. I think the best spot we visited was that fill pipe we hit in the middle of a field. We were so lost in Dartmoor looking around all these foggy fields. Al was out there searching every field adamant he was gonna find it, had to hop so many barbed wire fences and trench through so much mud ha. Sacrificed a pair of socks to get there with my shoes in my hand, walking through all sorts of mud and thorns. It was gnarly! But when we got there it was such a unique spot it made it all completely worth, it and it made the craziest noise when you skated it! All the spots that Al chose where amazing to be fair, from DIY’s to dam spots to camping spots – all so amazing!

  • Al is an expert spot planner!

Yeah man, genius! 

  • Gutted I couldn’t make it! 

Next trip let’s get it though!

  • You and Yarris were sharing a tent for the whole trip, right? 

Yeah, haha that was fun man, he was a good tent partner. I was def doing more setting up than him though!

  • What’s this I hear about you two and a BB Gun?

Ha, that was actually Griff and Jim. They went out one day and came back with a bb gun which was sick haha. Yarris being Yarris and wanting to take it to the next level was getting them to shoot his ass as soon as they got back to the camp, and then of course that means everyone else is getting there ass shot! 

Dougie, Harrison, and the BB gun. Photo: James Griffiths
  • Haha! That leads nicely onto my next question. How many times you guys see Harrisons naked ass on that trip? 

Probably every day haha. At the end of a good heated session skating, Harrison is probably getting naked!

  • So how was it making the move from Brighton to London? Seen you popping up in all sorts of vids!

Yeah it’s been really nice man, worked out really well moving in with Ellis and Dan. Dans been up here for a while doing his thing and Ellis is also trying to do the same, so its been a super good experience getting to move up here with them. It’s a big city with a lot of new people and places with so much going on, it’s nice to have a little bit of back home with me to ease me into the experience you know? Skating with Dan is cool, as he’s been up here for a few years so he’s been able to introduce me to a lot of cool people that I may not have met so easy otherwise. It’s been super nice.

  • Who have you been filming with? any projects in the works?

Yeah man, just been skating and filming as much as I possibly can really. Been out filming a lot with Kevin Parrot who hooks me up with ès shoes, and Quentin (Guthrie) through skating with Dan so just been filming whatever feels good really and stacking clips with no real goal. I think something will come together from it eventually but just having fun with it!

  • Looks like you have picked up a few new sponsors since the move as well?

Yeah it’s cool, it feels like the whole industry is kinda more aware of whats going on up here compared to Brighton. So yeah, I have met people like Kevin (Parrot) and got involved in ès and then he also put me contact with Allen at Shiner so I then got film bits for that small Independent edit we did together. I get to meet a bunch of people who are all super nice to hang with, and it just kind of happens like that you know?

  • I heard a story regarding dog shit and a ledge on one of your earlier trips to London haha, what happened there?

Haha that was this ledge round the corner from Elephant and Castle. This guy was really bummed that we were skating the ledges outside his house, which I kind of get, we are scraping up his ledge. But yeah, he was getting really angry with us and then eventually went out to take his dog for a walk, so I was thinking, ‘right here is my chance to get this and get out of here’. Then the guy comes back round the corner with his dog’s shit in a bag and just slapped it on the ledge and rubbed it all over! We were obviously like ‘what the fuck?’, he would rather cover it in shit than have it a little scratched haha. We ended up actually cleaning it off and getting the trick in the end.

  • Did it help you slide?

Haha! It must have man!

  • Stinkin!
  • What’s on the agenda for 2021, any big plans?

Try and be as productive as I can, see what happens with this lockdown stuff man. Continue stacking clips and surviving out here!

  • I think that’s a good place to start rounding this thing up thanks for sitting through it g!
  • Through all these lockdowns i have got deep into my music, so let’s end this on a musical note. Gimmee 3 songs to add to my playlist

My music is always changing, so this is a hard one! These tracks are def being played a lot right now though:

Mikey Dread – Problems

Jamal – Keep it real

Built to spill – Strange

Honourable mention:

Mac Dre – Dreganomics 

  • Yes Nugs we made it! Let’s go skate my g! And keep killing it as always! X 

Hell yeah Henry, we are gonna have a sick day my dawg. Thankyou for spending the time, lets get it!

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